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3D Lettering and 3D Signs in Melbourne

3D lettering signage creates an exceptional impression among viewers. 3D lettering signage adds an unmatched visual interest, irrespective of shape, size, letter, colour, material, and style. Vic Signs are leaders in letter 3D and 3D office signs services in Melbourne for over a decade now.

We have expert professional signwriters who can create outstanding small 3D letters by using router and laser cut 3D letters. Only high-quality substrates are used.

Whether it be acrylics, wood laminates, plastics, ACM or metals like aluminium, stainless steel or illuminated 3D logos and letters, we aim to provide nothing but the best.

We offer large 3D foam letters as well as 3D business signs that make use of illuminated effects that use different substrates. These are available in a range of thicknesses. 3D lettering lets you be creative as it can be customised according to the client’s requirements and business type.

At Vic Signs, we provide the best cost-effective 3D lettering and signs within a short turnaround time in Melbourne. From PVC to 3D metal letters, we offer our clientele many choices to choose from. Our skilled professionals come up with excellent designs on suitable materials depending on the location and type of business.

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    Benefits Of High-Quality 3D Lettering and Signage Services in Melbourne

    Vic Signs is a leading 3D lettering signage service that has been in the field of print and signage services for over 11 years. Our 3D office and reception signs are used by corporate offices to increase visibility from potential customers in an effective manner. We make use of raised lettering to embolden your business’s logo. For exterior signage, acrylic is often used since it comes in different colours and can be cut to any required shape. Metal can also be a great option. This is because there is improved durability, as well as making the signage adequately weather proofed. Interior signs can also make use of 3D lettering such as expanded polystyrene that is flimsier in nature. We use rigid foam that is lightweight and can be sculpted into any shape. This is also more durable than polystyrene. Our 3D letters can be fabricated using the following materials:

    • Acrylic
    • Foamed PVC
    • MDF
    • Plastic
    • Aluminium
    • Metal
    3D lettering signage

    Here are the benefits of high-quality 3D lettering and signage provided at Vic Signs in Melbourne:

    • Visibility and Customization: Attracting customers to your business are easier with 3D lettering signages. We make your business logo or company name stand out by ensuring that it is visible from multiple angles. We offer the best professional commercial signages in Melbourne at affordable prices.
    • Increased Lighting: Shadows and depth effects are much easier with 3D lettering signages. Our illuminated 3D channel letters provide well-lit signages and increased visibility from far off distances.
    • An Improved Business ROI: Our team ensures that high quality 3D lettering solutions are manufactured with sturdy materials. Thus, the signs become resistant to harsh weather conditions. Our 3D lettering sign boards have a low maintenance cost and are lightweight. This makes it suitable for indoor advertising.
    • Worthy Investment: The ​better visibility, quality and improved lighting provided by 3D lettering signs ensure customization. Our 11 years of experience in printing and signages have made us one of the most trusted names in providing signage solutions in Melbourne.
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    What Next? Contact The Leaders In 3d Lettering Signs in Melbourne

    Vic Signs Group is a one-stop-shop for all your 3D lettering requirements in Melbourne. Be it shops, warehouses, commercial outlets, events, or even residential or commercial buildings, our expert in-house print and signage designers will provide the best 3D lettering signage to attract potential clients to your business. Call us on (03) 9687 5071 / (03) 9221 6157 or email us at to talk to our experts. Or, visit our Braybrook branch or Corporate Office in St Collins.