Vehicle Wraps & Graphics

Whether you own a single company car, an entire fleet of cars, a truck or even a bus, vehicle graphics and wraps are perfect for marketing your business on the go.

Vehicle decals and vehicle graphics are surprisingly affordable, and the one-time cost pays for itself from the large number of impressions your business will make around the city and the surrounding regions. We use high-performance vinyl materials that resist fading and cracking. Quality is everything, which is why you won’t have to worry about detergents or power washing destroying or altering your vehicle wrap.

Our capabilities are limitless and we will work with you to create custom vehicle wraps or customised vehicle graphics to make your marketing dream come true.

We specialises in custom full or partial vehicle wraps and graphics for:

  • Cars
  • Utes
  • Vans
  • Trucks
  • Boats
  • Motorcycles
vehicle wraps and graphics

Vinyl wrapping and Vehicle Signage in Melbourne

Vehicle wraps are the new in thing when it comes to branding and signage. It is one of the most visually and cost-effective methods of highlighting and advertising your brand. We have helped design a wide range of vehicle signs using vinyl wrapping in Melbourne. Businesses with a fleet of cars, vans, utes, and buses have benefitted a lot from what we have created for them. This has also helped businesses get extra usage from their vehicular assets.

At Vic Signs, we have provided many businesses in Melbourne with vehicle signage like:

  • Vehicle Vinyl Wrapping –A full or partial vehicle wrap is a terrific option for your vehicle. You can very easily use vinyl wrapping that fits well with the shape of your vehicle to advertise and promote your business on the go. It is a great way to make the most out of your employee’s drive time.
  • Vehicle Signage: A more cost-effective option is using vinyl lettering. It may not have the impact of wrapping but if done properly, then you can use it to display your business’ name and logo on the flatter surfaces of the vehicle. You can also employ this technique onto the tray of a Ute. These types of vehicle signs are an effective way to maximize the brand name’s exposure at budget rates.

Vinyl Wrapping & Signs in Melbourne

Vinyl wrapping have truly ushered in a revolution when it comes to display advertising. At Vic Signs, we have taken up many projects for businesses in Melbourne with vehicle-based assets to use vinyl wrapping & Vehicle signs for displays. But that’s not all that vinyl can do when it comes to advertising and visual projections.

Vinyl is also used for making simple signs. Vinyl like a sticker can be used to make signage using adhesives. They can very easily be installed on a wall or window. Since vinyl is flexible,it can be cut into different shapes and sizes like letters and designs and be used for vinyl signs. Vinyl signs can be either cast, printed, or pigmented. Every type of vinyl has its own qualities. Some are durable, some are cost-effective and some can be used to create complex graphics.

Looking for Vehicle Signage Options?

Designers at Vic Signs have the best options for vehicle signs, car vinyl wrapping and many other types of vehicle signage. If you are in Melbourne and want to know what signage you can get for your vehicle, call us now at 9687 5071.