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Vic Signs Group provides innovative and bespoke solutions that optimize your specifications in terms of quality, value and durability, resulting in a final product that is project-managed to meet your budgetary and timing requirements.

Outdoor signage and advertising are a significant part of any company. Custom outdoor signs for business will widen the reach of marketing for your goods and services.

For shops, warehouses, commercial outlets, events, trade shows, exhibitions, residential and commercial buildings, to let signs, for sale signs and fence branding are just few examples of outdoor branding. In short outdoor advertising is the necessary part of your business growth if done wisely.

Our abilities are clearly apparent in the diversity of our client base. Our clients include major brands in the healthcare, property, automotive, educational, retail, government entities and service sectors.

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Outdoor Signs – Exterior Signage for Shop in Melbourne

When someone looks at an outdoor sign featuring your brand, it should feel great; it should draw people to it. Outdoor signs are the crowning glory of your brand and it must command attention. It is the first step in cultivating a professional image for your business.

At Vic Signs, we create stunning and visually rich storefront displays that get your business noticed in Melbourne. We provide our clients with standard, channel letter storefront signs, neon marquee signs, and custom outdoor signs. Our designers have the skills, experience, and tools needed to create the perfect outdoor signs to promote your business or organization. Here’s a look at the types of outdoor signs that Vic Signs can develop for Melbourne business:

  • Outdoor Storefront Signs: An outdated or poorly functioning sign can do a lot more harm to your business. It could also give the impression that you are not paying attention to your business. Vic Signs can help you design storefront signs that will attract more customers and improve your clientele.
  • Lighted Signs: Vic Signs can design and install attractive storefront signs made from durable metal channel letters with backlighting. These outdoor signs are more appealing than the traditional glow boxes. They are extremely versatile and can even be customized to complement your existing signage.
  • Neon/ LED Signs: If you are looking for something more exciting and edgy, then neon signs should do the trick. These outdoor signs are great for Melbourne businesses that operate in the evening. Vic Signs has designed neon light signs for restaurants, shops, nightclubs, and theatres. We also provide these same signs in LED. Outdoor signs made of LED appear to be more modern and durable.
  • Outdoor Promotional Signage: Whether it is banners, flag signs, yard signs, vehicle wraps, Vic Signs has designed a host of outdoor promotional signage for businesses, products, events, and services.

3D Lettering & Shop Signage in Melbourne

3D lettering is a multidimensional design that can be rendered in a way that the letters appear as if they are jumping off the surface. Designers at Vic Signs have frequently used 3D lettering for shop signage banners, posters, and billboards as it gains the attention of the public much faster in Melbourne.

We use a range of top-rated software for these3D lettering projects. Many businesses who have incorporated our 3D lettering shop signage have admitted that they have had more footfalls in their stores than the time they were using 2D designs.

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