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Professional Signwriting in Melbourne

Digital trends have revolutionised many industry verticals. However, traditional signwriting service is a creative alternative. Vic Signs is a one-of-a-kind professional sign writing service in Melbourne that offers professional hand painted signs by our traditional sign writers who strive to create unique and impactful hand painted signages.

Be it for sales, promotions, and even for seasonal or relocation messages in front of shops and other businesses in Melbourne, we provide unique hand painted signs that can be used for large scale jobs on wall surfaces, windows, buildings, and even on billboards. Our sign writing solutions are an affordable way to increase your business outreach.

Benefits of Hiring Specialists in Traditional Sign Writing Melbourne

Vic Signs are renowned for providing professional hand painted signs in Melbourne. Here are key reasons to use traditional sign writing services offered in Melbourne:

Easy application to any surfaces:

Irrespective of the medium of application, we offer professional sign writing services. Our expert signwriters identify the right medium for each type of signage. Even harsh surfaces such as brick, sand-blasted surface or corrugated walls, the traditional method of sign writing that involves an expert traditional sign writer along with paint brushes and colouring techniques. This old-fashioned method of sign writing is one of the most popular methods of signage even today.

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    Authentic in nature:

    If you are planning to add a retro vibe to your business, traditional sign writing is the perfect way to do so. Our expert traditional sign writers bring old-school, hand-painted wall sign designs that ooze authenticity to several types of businesses such as vintage fashion accessories shops, classic Italian restaurants, or theatres.

    Adds a lot of creativity:

    Our sign writers offer creative designs that stand out and pull customers to your business. Be it interior or exterior areas, traditional sign writing can bring about the real craftsmanship to the forefront of your business.

    Enhancement of signages:

    Hand-painted techniques can be used to generate designs that can be enhanced by traditionally sign writing using digital and computerised technologies.

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    Vic Signs Group is a one-stop shop for all your traditional sign writing and hand-painted sign requirements in Melbourne. With over 11 years of experience, we are among the top traditional sign writing companies in Melbourne. Call us on (03) 9687 5071 / (03) 9221 6157 to talk to our expert sign writers and get your sign written at affordable prices. Email us at or visit our Braybrook branch or St Collins office.