Custom Signage Company in Melbourne – Statutory, Corporate & Retail Signage

Signage has been a traditional form of display and is used to identify various entities, business, and services. For generations, it has been used to advertise or communicate a place of business, a product, commands, warnings and even directions. In this globalized world, custom signage has played a huge role.

Being a signage company, we at Vic Signs are aware of the impact that good custom signage can have on a business or an institution in Melbourne. You have experienced this yourself. When you see signage with two arches forming a golden ‘M’ on a board, you know which restaurant you are thinking of. This just shows the importance and value of custom signage.

The designers at Vic Signs know that custom signage is essential not just for effective communication but can become an icon for a place of business. We always strive to create custom signage that makes a great impression and turns it into a meaningful and lasting one for Melbourne Business.

Perfect Signage Company for Corporate & Statutory Signage in Melbourne

Signage are not just limited to highlight the brand of a business or an identity of an institution, they can do much more. Every signage has its value and purpose attached to it. At a signage company like Vic Signs,you’ll receive signage that highlights the real purpose of what you want to convey to the public. Here are a few signage options that we provide for our clients:

  • Corporate Signage-No matter how many outlets you have, corporate signage by Vic Signs will help you increase your brand’s identity and enhance the corporate image. We build our corporate signage with creativity combined with high-quality fabrication. Our corporate signage complements the architectural and landscape design, which results in asset appreciation.
  • Statutory Signage-These signs are required to be put up by law to make sure that a building, a business, or an institution complies with all the health and safety regulations. The designers at Vic Signs are known for making visually appealing statutory signs that not only comply with all the rules of Building Codes of Australia (BCA), but also add to the aesthetics of the areas where they are installed. Vic Signs has worked with many builders and developers to create and supply statutory signage in Melbourne.
  • Retail Signage- The best way to display information to your customers about your products is through retail signage. At Vic Signs, we have designed a range of retail signage for statutory in Melbourne. Such corporate signage can be used for interior and exterior display.

What’s Your Sign?

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