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Shop Signage & Retail Signs in Melbourne

Shop Signage & retail signs are crucial elements for businesses. They are powerful marketing tools that attract potential customers, communicate brand messages, and create a strong visual presence. Whether you’re a small boutique or a large retail chain, having well-designed custom business signage is essential to stand out in a competitive market

For retail signs in Melbourne at affordable rates with custom design, look no further than Vic Signs Group, the commercial signs specialist. Our team of design experts can turn your vision into reality with custom-designed and affordable retail signs. The shopfront signage makes your business identifiable and makes clients interested. Turn attraction to leads and leads to generate business with skilfully designed shop front signs in Melbourne.

Custom Commercial Signs for Your Business

Custom commercial signs are an easy and recognised way to promote your business and attract new customers. Whether it is shop signage or retail signs – both have a vital role in creating a brand presence. They also help to capture the attention of clients and drive new customers to your store.

Custom signage helps you in various ways, such as:

  • Helping customers find your premises

  • Boost sales

  • Create brand awareness

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    A Copy Or Example Of Your Design/Artwork/Logo

    Both the physical appearance of the store and the outside signage affect customer behaviour. Whether you have a store in an upscale neighbourhood or a crowded marketplace, you can use signage to differentiate.

    With Vic Signs Group, you get access to dozens of high-quality designs or can order a custom design on the basis of your business and its clientele. Our team sits with you and listens to your business requirement, and comes up with various design ideas for you to pick from.

    5 Reasons Why Signage is Important for Your Business

    Outdoor signs create a professional image for the enterprise and increase customer confidence. Here are the top reasons why you need to hire the experts for your shop signage in Melbourne:

    High brand visibility and recall

    Business signs are powerful marketing tools that help increase your brand’s visibility. Well-designed and strategically placed signage ensures that your business is noticed by potential customers, building brand recognition and familiarity.

    Increase Footfall and grab attention

    With well-designed and strategically placed shop signage and retail signs or window signs for business, capturing customers’ attention becomes easy. Get eye-catching signs with bold colours and creative designs with our team that come with years of experience. We use a smart mix of colours and design elements with compelling messages to make your business stand out from competitors.

    Spectacle Hub signboard

    Creating Lasting Impressions

    First impressions matter, especially when it comes to your shop or office signage in Melbourne. Your signage serves as the initial point of contact for customers, creating confidence in your brand and making a lasting impression. A well-designed sign that reflects your brand’s ethos sets expectations and influences customers’ decisions to enter your store.

    Customer Guidance

    Your business signage also provides essential information and helps to guide the customers. You can use them for varied things, such as your business name and its operating hours, along with various products or services your offer or any seasonal promotional offers. You need clear and precise signage to help your customers reach your store or find the products and services they want to buy.

    Business Differentiator

    Showcase your unique brand identity with Custom-built signage and create a unique visual presence. We ensure that your shop signage is in line with your business values. We help you reach your target customers and help you differentiate yourself from competitors. This can help you win new customers who get attracted to your brand.

    Want to discuss your requirements for retail or office signage with our team? Call us on (03) 9687 5071 / (03) 9221 6157 or email us at info@vicsigns.com.au. Or, you can visit our Braybrook branch or St Collins office. No matter how big or small the job is, we have the technology, skills, and experience to complete the task.


    Retail signs are the signage that shops and small businesses use to attract clients or customers. They are essential as they help to attract new clients, increase footfalls, help in brand recognition and set a business apart from its competitors.

    Some of the things that you should consider while designing corporate signs are:

    • Target audience
    • Clear and crisp information
    • Smart use of design and colours
    • Avoiding visual clutter
    • Clear and large font size

    To discuss your needs for corporate signs and get a range of design options and solutions, you can get in touch with our team.

    Designing and installing a commercial sign depends on the complexity of the design, the material chosen, and the time taken by you to approve the design. In case of revisions or changes, the time may increase. Call us on 03 9687 5071 to request a meeting with our design team to get the process started.

    The cost of a business sign may vary depending on many factors like the design, complexity, material and size. To get a clear estimate of the cost of your business, you can discuss your requirements with our team. They will understand your requirements, discuss the various options and give you a free, no-obligation quote.