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Sign Replacement & Maintenance Services in Melbourne

Sign replacement & maintenance services play a vital role in ensuring the longevity and effectiveness of signage for businesses. Over time, these signs may face wear and tear, weather damage, or technical issues compromising visibility and impact. Professional sign replacement services are essential for businesses to maintain a strong visual presence, uphold their brand image, and attract customers.

Vic Signs Group is amongst the leading sign maintenance and replacement services providers in the city. We have experienced sign replacement workers, who come to your place whenever you need to fix any fault with your signage. Create a positive and professional image of your business by getting your signage prepared by experts.

Expert Team for All Signage Replacement Needs

Our sign maintenance and replacement teams come with years of training and have the experience of working on every time of commercial signage. They can clean, service and replace any sign, irrespective of size, shape or place of installation. The commercial signage at your shop, mall, restaurant or office is vulnerable to various threats. It also needs to be serviced against normal wear and tear or cracks.

Hiring our experts to do digital sign replacements ensures that you always get a high-quality and dependable service. We use approved and safe chemicals for cleaning the signs and making them shine again like new. Whether it is uneven illumination or electrical short circuits, our signboard replacement team can fix anything. Do not delay getting the signage replaced, as it may only worsen the issue.

Our team comes fully prepared with all the replacement parts required for neon signs or any other type of signage. They work following all safety regulations and ensure that they cause minimum disruption in the working of your business. You can also check and request a convenient time slot for the maintenance and replacement of your signage. We are always willing to go the extra mile to help our customers.

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    When Do I Need Sign Replacement?

    The signage at your shopfront or commercial establishment is key to attracting new customers. However, it is common for businesses to ignore the signage in their day-to-day operations. Like all electrical products, the signage also needs proper and timely maintenance and occasional replacements to perform at its best.

    Here are some tell-tale signs or indications that your shopfront’s LED sign needs to be replaced:

    Physical Damage

    Signs can sustain damage due to weather conditions, accidents, or vandalism. If you notice any physical damage to your signage, such as cracks or breakage, it’s crucial to address it promptly to prevent further deterioration and maintain a professional image for your business.


    Signs exposed to weather elements can fade over time, negatively impacting your brand image. Our experts can assess the damage and recommend replacement to restore your signage’s vibrancy. Get signage replacement done at the earliest and reclaim the professional image of your business that attracts the new client.

    Electrical/light Problems

    If your neon sign, LED sign, or digital sign is experiencing flickering or dim lighting, it may indicate a problem with the electrical components. These make the signs non-visible and non-impactful in the night or low-light conditions. Professional sign replacement can rectify the issue, restoring your sign’s brightness and visibility.

    Unstable Signs

    If the signs have not been secured properly and show structural instability, that is a huge security risk to people and property. Do not delay getting it replaced and call our team immediately for inspection. We will ensure that the signs are fastened and secured properly as per requirements. This is also part of the regular maintenance services that you can hire us for.

    Why Choose Vic Signs Group for Sign Replacement?

    If you need any kind of signage maintenance or replacements in Melbourne, look no further than Vic Signs Group. We are one of the most trusted sign replacement services providers in the city. Our experienced team is well-versed in all types of sign and their installation, maintenance and replacement. This has made us one of the top choices for small, medium and big businesses. Get competitive quotes for every type of sign replacement, along with a quick turnaround time.

    We take great pride in our workmanship and ensure that every job we undertake is completed with perfection. You can also rely on our customer support team for quick responses to all your requirements. With us, you get:

    • Experienced team

    • Expert replacement and installation

    • Wide range of replacement and maintenance services

    • Top-quality material

    • Best workmanship

    • Fast turnaround time

    • Shortest disruption

    • Cost-effective solutions

    • Reliable and responsive customer service

    For service bookings or enquires you can use our contact form or call us on (03) 9687 5071 / (03) 9221 6157, or email at info@vicsigns.com.au. Visit our Braybrook branch or St Collins office.


    Signs create a positive image for your business and help attract customers. Signs replacement and maintenance are important to ensure that the cracks, electrical faults and similar issues that develop over time are fixed. Without regular maintenance and occasional replacements, the cracks may widen and internal electrical circuits fail. That could require the signs to be replaced. Such signs may also pose a safety risk and cause accidents.

    We offer replacement and maintenance of all kinds of digital or LED signs. These include LED advertising signs, Neon/LED signs and similar commercial signage. If you are unsure about the signage type or the fault, call our team for an inspection and get an on-the-spot quote for all replacements and maintenance.

    It is common for the signs to develop faults and cracks that need to be replaced by an expert. The signs can suffer physical damage caused by an accident or a deliberate act of vandalism. They can also show fading or may become discoloured over time with exposure to the elements of weather. The signs may also have electrical or lighting problems that may be fixed by changing the faulty part or replacing bulbs. The signs may become unstable and pose a threat to people and vehicles and may need to be fastened securely. Call our team to discuss the fault or to schedule maintenance or replacements.

    The cost of sign replacements in Melbourne depends on the issue as well as the type and size of the sign. The placement of the sign and the approach taken by the team may also impact the cost and time required. Call us on 03 9687 5071 and share the details of the fault and get a quote.