The Whats and Hows of Large Format Printing

If you’ve noticed, large format printing is becoming a widely-used method for businesses for their advertising and promotional materials. One of the notable benefits of printing in large format is to get your company message stand out from competitors. The following are some must-knows about large format printing before you choose it for your business marketing:

How does large format printing work?

Large format printing process is similar to that of digital printing. It is quick and high-quality images can be printed in both black-and-white or fully coloured. During printing, the press will lay down toner through the use of large nozzles and is directly applied to the product.

What printers are used for large format printing?

Printers for large format printing are either flatbed printers, roll-to-roll printers, or a combination of both.

For flatbed printers, a substrate will be placed on the bed. During the printing process, UV light hits the liquid ink and turns it into solid ink on the substrate. Flatbed printers are usually used to print directly on thicker substrates.

In combination machines, the printers have both removable flatbeds and rolls on each side.

How should files be prepared for large format printing?

Because of the huge size of the images that will come out, preparing your files is important for a high-quality outcome. When designing your files, take note that the maximum width of most large format printers is 61 inches or less and the length will be determined by the length of the material used. For roll-to-roll print materials, the length can be of any length.

Create your images in the highest resolution possible to make sure it does not become pixelated when enlarged. Also, most large format printers print in standard CMYK, so it would be best to convert your design file’s colour model to it.

What products are ideal to be printed in large format?

There are many advantages of using large format printing for your marketing needs:

What are the pros of printing in large format?

Large format printing is very versatile and can be used to print many products. Some of the common products that large format printing is used for include:

  • Large size that will immediately attract the attention of potential customers
  • The use of UV cured ink that is resistant to rain, heat, and sunlight
  • Ability to print on a variety of substrates: vinyl, cloth, glass, wood, foam, corrugated plastic, metal, etc.

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