What Do Vehicle Signs Mean?

There are different signages present on the road while you drive. Aside from the usual traffic signs, it is better if you are knowledgeable about signs seen on vehicles. Let’s say you’re driving down the road and you see a car with a sign in the window. You may wonder what it means? So for this blog, VIC Signs, an expert maker of vehicle signage in Melbourne, shares common car signs and its meaning.

Quick Guide to Some of the Most Common Car Signs

It may not be often to see car signage in Melbourne, but for educational purposes, it is best to know some of it and the meaning behind the sign.

  • For Sale: This one is pretty self-explanatory. The driver is trying to sell their car.
  • For Rent: Similar to “for sale,” this one means the driver is looking to rent out their car. This is usually seen on vehicles that are used for commercial purposes, such as delivery trucks or taxi cabs.
  • Out of Service – Slow Down – This vehicle signage indicates that the vehicle is not currently in service. This could mean that it’s in the shop for repairs or that it’s been decommissioned altogether.
  • Do Not Enter: This sign is usually seen on construction vehicles or other large trucks that are not meant to be driven on public roads. The driver is essentially warning other motorists not to try and drive next to them.
  • Slow Down: This sign is often seen on school buses or other vehicles that are carrying precious cargo. The driver wants everyone around them to know to take it easy so that everyone arrives safely at their destination.

This is just a quick overview of some of the most common car signs that you might see while you’re out on the road. Of course, there are many other signs and what they mean can vary depending on the situation. If you ever see a sign on a car that you don’t understand, it’s always best to err on the side of caution and give the driver a wide berth. Drive safe!

Vehicle signage for van

Where to Get the Best Car Signs in Melbourne?

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