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Outdoor business signages can come in many different forms. Common nowadays are those that are lighted. This makes any signage more noticeable by people passing by the shops even by a distance and no matter the time of day. You may think it may be a costlier option for a shop signage. But read below why choosing illuminated signage is a cost-effective solution for attracting more customers inside your shop.

24/7 Marketing Tool

Signages that aren’t lit tend to lose their effectiveness when it gets dark. Industries that operate at night like bars or restaurants will surely benefit from illuminated signages. Your illuminated sign can be one of your business marketing tools since you can leave it lit all hours of the day, all year round. Passers-by will repeatedly know that your shop exists due to great visibility.

Added safety feature

When your signage is lit, it adds lighting to the vicinity of your shop. This is an added safety precaution aside from having a CCTV camera. Burglars won’t likely be choosing shops that have nicely lit surroundings.

Low Maintenance

Illuminated signages are commonly made with durable materials that can withstand time. If LED lights are used for your signage, the bulbs have a long life and you don’t need to change them often. They also won’t increase your electricity bill drastically.

Perception of a strong brand

Compared to unlit signages, having illuminated signage gives the perception that the business brand is professional and prestigious. Lighting adds aesthetics and appeal. Most customers perceive that a good business logo design and signage equals good quality services or products.

Customisable design and versatile

Signages for businesses can come in different sizes, shapes, and designs. Illuminated designs using LED lights allow you to have multiple design options as you can pick different colour coordination and materials to achieve your desired ambience. Lights in your signage can also be programmed to perform differently, as in colour-changing bulbs to animations

VIC Signs: Your Go-To Custom Signage Company

Illuminated signages can certainly give your business that extra boost of attracting customers. It is a cost-effective means to promote your brand.

At Vic Signs, the reliable signage company in Melbourne, we can provide you with illuminated signages that are sure to bring out the best of your business brand. If you need corporate signagelarge format digital printing, or a logo design for your business, we’ve also got you covered!

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